Canadian humour

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See also: Literature of Canada According to author Stephen Scobie, Canadian humorous writing has tended more towards prose than poetry. Northrop Frye described McCulloch's satirical letters as quiet, observant, deeply conservative in a human sense; he asserted that McCulloch's persona, the conventional, old-fashioned, homespun farmer, was an extension of a centuries-old satiric tradition, and that the letters set the tone for later comedic writing in Canada. Haliburton's Sam Slick persona in The Clockmakeras Arthur Scobie notes in The Canadian Encyclopediaproved immensely popular and, ironically, has influenced American humour as much as Canadian. He was imprisoned during that same year for his views.

Are some subjects unsuitable for humour? After that rape. Fiona, Brisbane Australia Death of particular individuals maybe, but not bereavement in general, surely? What about those conversations at the pearly gates brand jokes? Jonathan Rhoades, Reading I allow done stand-up comedy for several years and the question prompted a abrupt poll among myself and colleagues. The following is the top five of taboo subjects: 1 September 11 2 Child molestation 3 The Holocaust 4 Rape 5 The Queen Mother Break Robert del Valle, Detroit USA Altogether subjects are suitable for humour - while some individuals may not be aware jokes about death, rape, or jewish mothers I believe that the individual which ends Just call me Meeting Shiva should go in the Acme Jokes of All Timewe have the right to object to or not laugh at that which we don't find funny. We do not, but, have the right to tell others what they may not laugh by.

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