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The lab where Jake works is dealing with paranormal phenomena and his boss has hired me to investigate it. Science and faith face off in this story full of lovable and witty characters, displaying a firework of humor, sizzling romance, and the supernatural. How dare he? Honestly, here I am, proving to myself and the world that I have what it takes to run a successful business, based on sustainability and fair trade.

His recent novel ''Gun, With Occasional Music'' mixed noirish detective fiction a la Raymond Chandler with near-future science creative writing to produce an entertainment of appealing irrelevance. Pella Marsh, 14, is a survivor. Her mother dies just ahead of her family moves to a aloof planet inhabited by enigmatic aliens accepted as Archbuilders. Her father, a abortive politician back home in Brooklyn, cannot adjust to the new world, departure Pella and her two younger brothers to fend for themselves in the little unnamed settlement beneath a considerable ''peach-hued'' sky. Food is no problem; edible roots, gene-engineered by the Archbuilders' ancestors, are available everywhere for the digging. The real challenge for Pella is surviving the disintegration of her family while coming of age at the same time as a woman. When she discovers the aliens' method of spying on the settlers, she cannot resist the appeal to peer behind the masks so as to adults wear to hide their accept fears and desires.

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