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This pain felt chronic — not something she could wish away with the perfect song and some strategic mood-setting. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists estimates that 3 in 4 women will experience painful sex at some point during their lifetimes. It can happen for all kinds of different reasons. The problem might be vaginismus, when the muscles in the vagina involuntarily contract, or vulvodynia, any kind of burning or irritation around the vulva. For others, there is no clear reason sex hurts: It just does. Maria Alconada Brooks There is very little research on why sex can be painful for women. Lili Loofbourow broached the subject in a viral essay for the Week, noting that PubMed lists just 43 clinical trials on vulvodynia and 10 on vaginismus — but 1, on erectile dysfunction. Maybe that helps explain why painful sex can be so hard to talk about. I spoke to 16 women who experience pain during sex, for all kinds of different reasons, and heard from 38 more through an online form.

Jason Tidd Topeka Capital-Journal A Kansas adjudicate may be disciplined, even after diffident from the bench amid a femininity scandal that involved a swingers website and relationship with a married female. Clark, who had been the magistrate judge for the 20th Judicial Area in Russell. Clark retired May 1, three days before the commission filed a report that unanimously recommended he be disciplined. The people of Russell County gave me an opportunity by a young age, and for so as to I am very thankful. Both Clark and the woman were married. The woman's husband was the one who filed the complaint. Justice Dan Biles highlighted the commission's finding that Clark's decision to take a picture of his penis and post that adventure on a social media website violated judicial code. He disputed that the website is a form of collective media.

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