We Asked These 15 Men To Explain What ‘I’m Not Looking For Anything Serious’ Really Means

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Why Do Women Say That? She is playing hard to get because she wants to gain some power over the guy and make him work harder to impress her first. So, how can you get past it? How can you get her to change her mind and decide that she wants to a serious relationship with you? How do guys like me do it? She has to impress me further, before I will allow her to get a chance to be with me. This is what women refer to as being a challenge and here is why they like it so much… Have you ever seen a guy interacting with a woman and it was obvious they had instant chemistry? The sparks between them started flying as soon as he started talking to her. The woman was immediately laughing, giggling, flirting with him and touching him in suggestive ways and it was clear to both of them as well as to those watching that they were going to hook up sexually.

Joshua Rawson-Harris The girl who tells you she does not want anything acute has been hurt in the ancient. She knows how much of a struggle it is to overcome anguish — and she does not allow time for that right now. She needs time to focus on herself. She has other things to agonize about than the state of her heart.

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