10 Ways To Be A Happier Mom

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First place: The Charleston, S. First place: The Colorado Springs, Colo. The design and photography are outstanding. The layout for Weekend Six Pack, the photo of the artist C. Rockey and the food photography are magazine-quality. Likewise, the photo essay on the Colorado Rockies captures a range of destinations in images and pithy captions. The profile of photographer John Fielder is a well-written, behind-the-scenes take on a local beloved figure. The Life in thought piece by Amanda Hancock is a lovely meditation on boredom. Though these topics can be tough fare for an arts and entertainment section, Austin rose to the occasion with well-reported packages on the experience of being a Black musician in Austin and a deeply reported piece on the struggles restaurateurs and club owners faced after the lockdown.

February 24, Ahmad faces the realities of being a Black man in America when he is questioned by the police for purse snatching, and a number of people from Lakeside Prep assume the worst about him. Two months afterwards Damon left her, Teri has be converted into uncharacteristically promiscuous. Teri reacts in altogether the wrong ways when she meets a courier who reminds her of Damon. Bird sparks a firestorm of controversy when she insults a Black community activist on the air. Individual of the disagreements between the sisters lingers longer than it should. Ahmad joins a two-day exchange program accordingly he can attend a public above what be usual school on the South Side, although is surprised when Callie fits all the rage there better than he does. Lem resigns from Chadway Towing. Maxine, a dark-skinned Black woman, is upset after Ahmad appears to prefer White girls and light-skinned Black girls.

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