How to Manage the Dreaded “Hangxiety” After a Night Out

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So far, science has not come up with a single magic potion that will cure the misery of having had one too many cocktails. But experts have pinpointed several practical hangover remedies that can shorten the symptoms. In other words, it acts as a powerful diuretic that drains your body of fluids. What not to drink? More booze. Scientists have definitely debunked one of the most popular hangover cures — hair of the dog, or downing a healthy swig of alcohol the next morning. Bhatt says.

Although the hangover you get the after that day? But hangovers can have emotional symptoms too, especially feelings of angst. This phenomenon has been so broadly reported that it even has its own name: hangxiety. But they allow a few theories. If you animate with anxiety, particularly social anxiety , you may find that a alcoholic drink or two helps you relax after that cope with nervous or anxious feelings before or during a social affair.

All the time check with your healthcare provider before pharmacist before drinking if you abide any medications. As a result, you might be down for the add up on less alcohol and for longer than before. Make sure you: Adjourn hydrated. Sipping on water and barley water will help you stay hydrated. This can help ease some of your symptoms and get you feeling advance. Get some sleep. Eat something. You may not feel like it but your hangover has you running amid the couch and the bathroom, although eating can help you replenish abandoned electrolytes and settle your tummy. Attempt for bland things think saltines, bisque, and toast.

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