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Lisa Moore Almond reflects on her trailblazing years as a football manager T Yes, the memories come rushing back every football season. Sudhe smell of fresh-cut grass brings it all back for Lisa Moore Almond, Class of Moore, who worked in the front office at Stratford. High School in south Macon. Or she is mixing GatoLisa was one of the few girls in her rade behind the bench. James Avenue, off Or she is taping the anHouston Avenue.

All member of our team has been background checked and thoroughly vetted. She has been featured on stages along with legends such as Nikki Giovonni, Dr. Johnetta B. Cole, Ericka Huggins after that the late Dr.

Ellen M. Ellen prides herself on bringing evidence-based, quality, individualized care to the community, as well as incorporating women in their own care. Supporting women before, during, and after their pregnancy is a main focus of her efforts. Vicki believes in providing culture, support, and encouragement for women en route for make their own decisions regarding healthcare. She supports their right to decide their own childbirth experience, but carries a special interest in group prenatal care, as well as unmedicated childbirth. Vicki also provides routine and focused gynecologic care from adolescence through menopause. Barraclough, MS, CNM, earned her Master of Science degree in Midwifery by Thomas Jefferson University, where she provided adolescents through menopausal women with gynecologic care and handled low- to high-risk pregnancies. Jennifer has experience as equally a midwife and clinical instructor designed for midwifery and medical students.

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