Giving makes you happy

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Giving makes you happy Published on 03 December Receiving a gift is nice, but giving a present also makes you happy. Why does giving a gift make us happy? It has benefits in the longer term too, because it strengthens the relationship with the recipient. And if you have a close bond with someone, they will be more likely to help you if you get into difficulties sometime in the future. Research has also shown that other people like you more if you are generous. And people who have a lot of friends are happier than people who feel alone. She looked at how much money people spent on themselves and how much they gave to charity.

Bookmark When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Affirmation of Independence, he assured Americans of their right to life, liberty, after that the pursuit of happiness. This aim seems to lead many Americans en route for chase after new gadgets and pleasure-seeking pleasures. But what if that accost is wrong? What if happiness comes from aiming to make others blissful, instead of doing nice things designed for yourself? That is exactly what a recent study found. Then they were randomly tasked to do something en route for either make themselves happier, make a different person happier, or socialize. Later so as to day, after doing their tasks, participants reported what they did, and after that filled out their happiness and desire questionnaires again. This finding was not too surprising to lead researcher Milla Titova, who says that it fits in with prior research on bliss that found giving to others makes you happier than giving to yourself—and that pursuing happiness directly for by hand sometimes backfires. To do this, they repeated their experiment, but this age asked participants to identify the addressee of their kindness and to about how much happier that person appeared to be.

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