He helped start 1967 Detroit riot now his son struggles with the legacy

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Shopping We drove to the Palace, the home of the Pistons. The foundation grants wishes to terminally ill children. Oaklanders, in the friendliest possible way, kept giving me sombre warnings about Detroit, as if it were a netherworld filled with immediate, certain peril. But it was a pleasant neighborhood of two-story homes, with tidy lawns, big trees, and sidewalks. Children were playing organized soccer in a park at the end of the street. The driver stopped in front of a well-tended brick house with white shutters, a shade tree, and a garage.

Editor's note: This article originally appeared arrange the Bridge magazine website as: He started the Detroit riot. His daughter wrestles with the carnage It was about a. July 23, William Scott, known as Bill, was among a crowd of mostly young African Americans gathering to watch the police buck up club patrons into waiting paddy wagons. He had a particular interest all the rage two of the people being led away. His father, William Walter Scott II, was the principal owner of the club, an illegal after-hours consumption and gambling joint.

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