The Best Music Videos of the 2000s

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Air via YouTube This feature was at first published on November 16, We might be getting close, but we're not done sifting through every believable facet of Complex culture from the last decade - in our Finest of the s series. Next ahead is that hallowed haven of altogether things comedic, thuggish, and surgically enhanced. No, not professional wrestling—music videos! Distinctively, the best music videos of the s. Short films integrating a chant dates back to the time after film itself was first invented, although skyrocketed in popularity in the 80s with the advent of MTV Composition Television , which originally made composition videos its primary and only brainwashing to watch. Some might argue so as to these were the golden years of the music video, but we ask for to differ. While we don't argue the star power of those putting out the videos in the '80s and '90s, the s welcomed a cinematic renaissance that helped music videos for pop rock and burgeoning blow alike reach a new level of iconic.

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