Why 'I'm Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now' Is The Biggest Cop-Out Ever

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What does he really mean? He always texts back in under an hour, he likes all of your Instagram photos within a few minutes of posting, and he actually listens when you tell him about your day — in other words, he's straight up boyfriend material. You're convinced that he's going to pop the want to be exclusive? But then he suddenly hits you with the, I'm not really looking for anything serious. This is, without a doubt, the most perplexing statement in the history of the universe. What does it mean? Is this an invitation to try again a few months later, or drop the whole thing entirely? Let's run through some of the possible meanings behind this mysterious sentence. Then yeah, it's pretty understandable that he's not ready to date anytime soon.

Brainwave If he says I'm not looking for anything serious is there constant a point to try? That makes sense to me. However, the adult year of my girl friends have met their boyfriends this way. They told me that over time, the guys just changed their mind. This additionally makes sense to me because guys are often slow at making decisions and processing their emotions. Or should I just give him time after that continue to see him as able-bodied as other guys if possible? Before is that just a huge atrophy of time? July 13, at am Reply Diane I am in a similar situation too… The guy told me he is not ready, after that he is truly not ready… Constant I would agree with him — still in the divorce battle, 4 kids living with him, company he works could go under soon….

Which is partly why I can acquaint with you with confidence that it's the biggest cop-out excuse ever. It's old exclusively by the biggest cowards all the rage the dating game. I've said it because I don't want to ache a guy's feelings by telling him exactly what I don't like a propos him. I have said it as I don't want to completely be beaten the option of dating said chap if I have a change of heart or he somehow develops a personality and invests in some breathing mints.

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