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It remains a timeless classic, creating one of our favorite love stories in the most unconventional of ways. Edward Richard Gere and Vivian Julia Roberts make quite the pair, with Edward showing Vivian true love and another way of life while Vivian teaches him to loosen up and appreciate the little things. The story came with its fair share of quotable dialogue from the two main characters, as well as the supporting characters. That said, here are the 10 best quotes from Pretty Woman. Updated June 9th, by Meg Pelliccio: Pretty Woman remains a firm fan-favorite for rom-com lovers all around the world and despite its age, it's still one of the best films out there and arguably hasn't aged that badly at all. The film follows Vivian, a prostitute, and her business relationship with Edward that quickly develops into something more. Viewers watch as Vivian gets the fairy tale ending that she always wanted - being rescued by the man that she loves, while at the same time the film creates a new fairytale for fans to wish for. After all, who wouldn't want a rich man like Edward to save them from their struggling existence? Romance and comedy go hand in hand in this film and there are some brilliant quotes that represent the best of each of these elements.

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At the same time as a woman who definitely does not have back, this always sort of made me feel left out. Although it's been over 20 years as Sir Mix-a-Lot sang those immortal lyrics, the discussion of big butts is still on the table, especially thanks to Kim Kardashian, who, in her own right, has pretty much cornered the market. Or is it a minute ago a rumor that got started after that everyone followed suit? YourTango asked eight men their thoughts on big butts.

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