Remarried to the Mistress

Mistress is 786171

Create New These are not the short-term flings, the one-night stands, or the casual extramarital friends with benefits. They are long-term lovers who have spent years, sometimes decades, single and involved with married men. She is the usually long-term girlfriend of an already married man. Sometimes the affair is public, but just as often it is not.

Afterwards a few exchanges, I felt assertive enough to ask her if she would accept me as her acquiescent over a defined period of age. She accepted on the condition so as to we would a slave contract amid us. So we started talking a propos this contract. She made it absolve that from the moment I was in contact with her, I could not complain about anything. Everything done to me or asked of me is of my own free bidding. Indeed, I had just decided en route for abandon myself body and soul en route for Mistress Trinity. She told me a propos my living conditions, which would be completely different from what I was used to.

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