You Say You Want A Revolution — So Let’s Do Something About It

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Over the years we have mobilised 36 million positive-minded, action-orientated people in countries. After calling to life World Cleanup Day — the biggest civic action against waste — we are continuing our work towards a waste free world. While people can have a comparatively similar impact when cleaning, they can have a substantially greater impact as influencers in their communities. To tackle the problem at source, we have put together a helpful guideline the Keep It Clean Planto help anyone get started who feels they could do more. Our programs are built around the concepts of circular economy and zero waste.

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Even if these lyrics are more than 50 years old, my favorite Beatles eloquently stated what is happening in abut of us all today. Waste Not, Want Everything. Before that first action in the journey takes place, we need to first assess the ache points that lie in front of us. The result of significant buyer viewing change and not enough adjust on the buy side has resulted in excess waste: impressions wasted as a result of targeting the wrong strategic target, before too much frequency against the alike person or too much time atrophied using outdated models, or inefficient workflows, or lost revenue opportunities. Waste is the enemy in our much basic revolution.

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