Take a Private Jet to See Millions of Butterflies in the Mexican Wilderness This Winter

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Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Michoacan, Mexico Credit: Getty Images Montage Los Cabos is already a resort dedicated to helping its guests discover the best experiences, including can't-miss dining and attractions in Los Cabos. And this winter, the hotel will expose guests to one of the most impressive natural wonders in Mexico, too. Each November, monarch butterflies flap their glorious orange, black, and white wings to fly south from Canada and the U. It's a truly divine sight and one that Montage will help guests see this winter. In January, the hotel announced it's adding a suite of new experiences to its already stellar roster, including the Monarch Butterfly experience. In partnership with Compass Sports, the hotel will bring interested guests from Cabo to the forested mountains west of Mexico City via private jet to see the unmatched natural spectacle at Piedra Herrada Park. As part of the experience, a dedicated guide will join guests at the park to help explain everything they'd ever want to know about the migration.

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