One dead 5 missing and presumed killed after Ottawa explosion

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Climatologist reflects on lackluster Ottawa winter 8 days ago Duration David Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says Ottawa has received below-average amounts of snow this year, putting the city behind Toronto in total snowfall to date. They're out of shape. They haven't just been able to get that exercise out there, joked Phillips, who's based in Toronto. Ottawa residents are used to about centimetres of snow, on average, between October and April, said Phillips. In that same period, Toronto — just a five-hour drive south with its typically slushy, wet, grey winters — gets less than half that in a typical winter, he added.

Animation is one step forward, whether I like it or not. My ancient is interesting to me but a bore to others. And yet after I meet old friends from a city I used to live all the rage, what do we talk about apart from our memories, aches and pains? We apologize, but this video has abortive to load. Sondra Gotlieb: Is Ottawa a city of otherworldly mystery? Ago to video Last week we returned to Ottawa, where my husband after that I lived for 23 years. I gave birth to my first adolescent in Ottawa and believed I was living in the centre of the world. I was married in Winnipeg at the age of

The explosion and major fire at Eastway Tank on Merivale Road sent three people to hospital, including two all the rage critical condition. One of those ancestor has since died, police said Friday morning. Police are not releasing their identities, but say their families allow been notified. Frank D'Aoust told reporters Friday.

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