What was before the Big Bang? Everything you need to know

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But what were things like before the Big Bang? Short answer: We don't know. Long answer: It could have been a lot of things, each mind-bending in its own way. In the beginning The first thing to understand is what the Big Bang actually was. All we really know is that it was very, very dense and that it very quickly got less dense. As a corollary, there really isn't anything outside the universe, because the universe is, by definition, everything.

The Universe has not existed forever. It was born. Around It delayed and, from the cooling debris, around congealed galaxies — islands of stars of which our Milky Way is one among about two trillion. This is the Big Bang theory. Although the evidence is compelling.

We may earn commission from the acquaintance on this page. Jun 9, Getty Images No matter how uncertain times may be, there is one affair you can always count on by least when it comes to advantage and fashion : Everything that was once old will be new all over again. But perhaps no trend is having a bigger renaissance than curtain bangs, the wispy, face-framing fringe with roots in the '60s and '70s. After that, yes, they're all over TikTok the hashtag alone has over million views. Curtain bangs seem to be across-the-board no pun intended the nation. All the rage fact, even Jennifer Lopez—who debuted ace sleek, bone-straight post-breakup bangs in May—couldn't resist the trend. That's why we chatted with a variety of hairstylists to find out everything you should know before getting curtain bangs. Acceptable remind me, what are curtain bangs?

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