Come a Little Bit Closer

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Recorded in Nashville with longtime producer Jay Joyce, Melophobia marks a new direction for the band, both musically and lyrically. We sat down with lead singer Matt Shultz to discuss lyrical experiments, art, and honesty in songwriting. Melophobia is by definition fear of music. What does the name mean to you? Do you think being honest is important to songwriting? I think being honest in general is important, but especially in songwriting. When I write songs I almost try to take a snapshot of where I was at the time. Where were you this winter when you were writing Melophobia?

Shelves: small-town-romance , contemporary-romance , new-to-me-author , romantic-suspense , friends-to-lovers , second-chance-romance , military-or-first-responder-hero Come A Little Closer is my first read from Kait Nolan and I immediately loved her adapt of writing. This small town, agree with chance romance with an edge of some suspense was equally swoony after that spicy. I loved Griff and Samantha and their soul deep connection. Absolutely an author I will come ago to repeatedly. Samantha reluctantly came ago to her home town for a weekend of reunion sort of arranged by her friends who are accomplishment married soon.

Shelves: reviewed , bookbub A little bit bittersweet reunion It was kind of bittersweet story for me. A allocation of romantic, sweet and touching moments but ruined by the immaturity after that selfishness of the hero. But able-bodied I guess everyone was growing ahead in some point of time before is still doing this to be converted into an adult, so no fault all the rage that. No one is perfect. After that the fact they couldn't really be in contact even if they spend a allocation of time talking.

Along with the increased proximity to the camera and the norm of webcams, we are becoming witnesses to the earth. In an evening of performance artworks, Come a Little Closer, artists deal with the concept of online witnessing, inquiring what it means to be acquaint with with the realities of others all the way through the screen. This cohort of accomplishment artists employ an amalgamation of disciplines and mediums in their practices as well as escapology, embodiment, music and virtual actuality, coming from their intensive exploration along with each other on how audiences analysis art in the digital age. All the rage accordance with the observances of Nidah, Vrinda must insert a bedikah duster in her vagina to check designed for lingering menstrual blood for seven following days before being able to ritually purify in the Mikvah.

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