81 Songs About Being Crazy in Love or Just Plain Crazy

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Belinda Luscombe Here is my idea for a good way to drive people mad: get them to believe there is only one right car for them. Not one make or model, but one actual car. And they have to find it. When located, it would make them giddily happy whenever they drive. Easy: just craft a lot of beautiful stories about people finding their One True Auto. Have people sing about driving it home, at last. Get car buyers to believe that it will come fully loaded and never need a mechanic or run out of gas or break down. People could enter their preferences — four-wheel drive, fuel efficiency, a blue light around the base — and suggestions would be delivered right to their personal computing device.

Our relationship burned hot and fast, after that it was incredibly intoxicating. Being along with her felt like a drug, which should have been a clear admonition sign that something was amiss. We dated for six months, and it was pure torture. She never did.

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At once the ex-boyfriend is receiving payback along with interest for the pain and awkwardness he's caused her. Our female central character has skipped the crying part after that gone straight to revenge. Although she won't be keeping her cheating be in charge of, she wants to teach him a lesson. Think of it as paying it forward for the next female he dates I dug my answer into the side Of his appealing little souped-up four-wheel drive, Carved my name into his leather seats. I took a Louisville slugger to equally headlights, Slashed a hole in altogether four tires. Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats. When you're crazy in love you're not absolutely yourself.

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