Plymouth shooting: Jake Davison was licensed gun holder

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Can you repeat that? are the gun laws in the UK? He next went into a park, where he shot a year-old man who died at the area, and then moved to Henderson Area where he shot a woman, 66, who later died at Derriford Hospice. The police are working at 13 scenes and said they would analyse Davison's computer hard drive and collective media posts as part of the investigation. Mr Sawyer said no aim had been identified at present. The referral was in relation to the shooting as well as prior constabulary contact with Davison, including the force's role and actions regarding firearms licensing. Gun laws in the UK are sometimes described as some of the strictest in the world and a certificate issued by the police is needed to possess, buy or attain a firearm or shotgun, and ammo. Despite reaching almost total system bankruptcy he keeps trying to accomplish his mission. He wrote mass shootings are new phenomena that cannot be absolutely blamed on guns.

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