Comparing & Using Incontinence Products

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Use this guide to help choose the protection to keep you clean, comfortable and leakage-free. Use this guide to understand the different types of incontinence products available by Always Discreet, learn about the different product sizes and absorbency options, and get answers to common questions about using Always Discreet incontinence products. Types of Incontinence Products Always Discreet offers three types of incontinence protection to help you manage bladder leaks. They include incontinence liners, pads and underwear.

A lot goes into determining what feels best on your body, and at time it comes down to more than finding the right bra or panty size when picking undergarments. Types of panties and underwear styles are finest distinguished by function so picking the right or wrong one can affect the success of an outfit. Boyshorts offer full coverage along your a la mode and backside, with the leg openings sitting just below the top of your thigh. Wear them with: Skirts, dresses and jeans Coverage Level: Ample coverage 2.

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