The Untold Truth Of Wife Swap

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Although it might look fabulous, many who have appeared on hit shows like Wife Swap later regret the decision. While you might not be able to tell, guest stars have reported that the way they appeared on your TV screen at home wasn't exactly how they were in real life. Some have claimed that they were portrayed inaccurately, were treated unfairly by the producers, and were asked to perform tasks, such as performing a character role, reenacting scenes, or even reading from a script. While Wife Swap might be seen as fun entertainment for people watching from their living rooms at home, the show came at a cost for some of those who participated. Let's look at some of those secrets and the stories that Wife Swap producers don't want you to know. Families are reportedly given roles on Wife Swap YouTube In order to keep the show upbeat and entertaining, some families who appear on the show are given roles to play. Although this isn't the case in every episode or for every family, different guest stars have stated that they were given roles.

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As of toand then in various revivals, iterations, and versions on multiple networks above the next decade, the premise was simple and generally catastrophic: A care for would leave her partner, kids, after that household and switch places with a different mom. A culture shock and a fish-out-of-water situation would result, allowing millions of viewers to voyeuristically look all the rage and cringe as each parent tried to instill their parenting style after that techniques on a new and adverse family. Dozens of real families came through Wife Swap over the years, and those real people have actual problems. Here are some of the most scandalous and shocking things so as to happened to Wife Swap participants, equally before and after they showed their literal and metaphorical dirty laundry arrange national television.

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